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Our Bio Lp-1 Product is a Rapid Legionella Testing Solution

The Bio Lp-1 project

Under the European Commission’s Fast Track to Innovation Award, the Bio Lp-1 project brought BioProbe Diagnostics together with three other industry partners, myPOLS Biotec GmbH, Genaxxon bioscience GmbH, and Laboratorio Control, to develop this novel Legionella testing kit and bring it to the market. The consortium collaborated throughout the product development process to deliver target outputs across manufacturing, production, product testing, regulatory requirements, marketing, distribution and sales.


myPOLS Biotec GmbH was initially founded in 2014 as an entrepreneurial spin-off company at the University of Constance (Germany) and relocated to their own premises in 2017 due to the excellent economic development. myPOLS acts as a contract manufacturing company with proprietary NAD manufacturing capabilities to reduce complexity of molecular tests for end users.

Genaxxon bioscience GmbH was founded in 2002. It has been established to offer clients a broad range of high-quality PCR and qPCR products with the goal to serve Genaxxons’ customers as fast as possible by a competent team of scientists. With the focus on PCR and real time quantitative PCR (qPCR), Genaxxon is able to bring new and unique products and further developments to the market, respective to offer an established logistics and marketing for our cooperation partners.

In 2003, Laboratorio Control was the first Spanish laboratory to incorporate real time PCR methodologies for many analytical testing techniques (quantification of Legionella, detection of food pathogens, etc.). Laboratorio Control has extensive experience in the environmental microbial diagnostics testing field. For over 20 years, the laboratory has been accredited by ENAC (Spanish National Accreditation Body). In 2015 Laboratorio Control became part of Tentamus international group of laboratories.

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