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Bio Lp-1 samples now available

Following official presentation at Web Summit 2021, first samples of Bio Lp-1 are now available. Underpinned by a revolutionary technology, Bio Lp-1 is the world’s first complete water test that will reduce Legionella detection from 14 days to 2 hours, while detecting multiple Legionella species in just one water sample. This unique assay is designed to target specific and unique DNA sequences within the Legionella genome. The PCR products from four different reactions can be detected by specific DNA probes labelled with four different fluorophores. This allows the simultaneous detection of, and differentiation between, all Legionella species associated with infection, all the L. pneumophila serogroups (1–16) and specifically identifies L.pneumophila sg-1, responsible for up to ~95% of human infections. An internal amplification control is also included in the master mix as an indicator that the PCR is functioning correctly.  Designed to work on the leading real-time PCR platforms, Bio Lp-1 gives a complete and accurate Legionella profile in a single water sample. Contact us for more details.
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