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BioProbe Develops Transformative Solution for Rapid Legionella Detection

BioProbe Diagnostics has developed the world’s first complete water test that will reduce Legionella detection from 14 days to under 5 hours while detecting multiple Legionella species in just one water sample. A collaboration with three industry-leading European partners, supported by Enterprise Ireland, and winner of the European Commission’s Fast Track to Innovation Award, Bio LP-1 has the capacity to transform the global environmental testing landscape of the human pathogen Legionella. Rapid Legionella detection is becoming increasingly important as we see a concerning rise in Legionella outbreaks globally, following months of COVID-19 lockdowns. A rapid and highly sensitive qPCR test, Bio LP-1 provides a complete Legionella profile in under 5 hours. Bio LP-1 will be available on the market in early 2022. READ FULL PRESS RELEASE
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